Impey showers doors are widely recognised as the best and the industry benchmark.

All Impey doors are available with either conventional 180° rise and fall hinges or the new, unique Freedom air assisted hinge, which is operated by a small lever and lifts the door clear of the floor, enabling it to be opened and closed at a touch.

All Impey doors are built to the highest standards and have been developed from long consultation with both end users and care professionals to provide extra safety features, such as curved edging and tough anti-shatter panels.

There is a wide range of configurations and bespoke options available to answer every customer requirement.

Freedom Doors

Shower doors that you can open and close at a touch.

Impey Shower Door
Water seals on conventional shower doors can make them difficult to open if they are not lifted clear of the floor.
Impey Shower Door
With Impey Freedom you simply press a lever to raise the door off the floor.
Impey Shower Door
A quick press on the hand grip returns the door to the floor and secures it in position.

The rubber seal on the base of conventional shower doors can prevent smooth opening and closing, unless the door is manually lifted clear of the floor and this can be difficult for some users, especially those in a wheelchair.

Impey Freedom offers the ideal solution. A unique air assisted hinge, operated by a small lever, lifts the door clear of the floor. Once closed, a gentle push down secures the door in position and provides the most watertight seal.

The doors can also be secured when open to ensure that they cannot swing back whilst someone is entering the shower area.
Impey Freedom – the latest advance in shower doors for the care market.

Tried and trusted technology
The heart of the Impey Freedom Shower Door is the spring mechanism, which is identical to those used successfully for many years as a support for the tail gate in hatchback cars – the utmost proof of its long lasting durability. It is completly maintainance free and covered by a lifetime guarantee.


Impey Shower Door

Folding Doors

Folding doors are usually specified for corner configurations and are available with 400mm wide fixed panels and floor to ceiling support pole.

Bi-folding doors are particularly suitable for confined spaces and our patented 360° full length intermeshing hinge provides greater strength, rigidity and water resistance.

Impey Shower Door

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are ideal for alcove configurations and are particularly useful when specified with a trimmable showertray/dec as they provide a greater degree of adjustment. Sliding doors can be separated for easy cleaning.

All doors are 750mm high with a wide choice of configurations to fit all our Level-Dec EasyFit, Level-Grade and showertray options.

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