Tile-In Waste

Tile in Grate Install Example

Fitting the Tile In Grate

  • Sit the Tile In Grate into the flange in the base confirm height of Grate against tiles, you can pack out under the grate with a water proof material to increase the height or use a forming polyurethane glue (Fortis AD512), to hold the grate in place, use small amounts of a polyurethane construction adhesive (the same size as a 10cent piece) in each corner to hold the grate in place. Please note do not seal the grate in place as any water absorbed into the grout, needs to drain down the sides and underneath the grate, sealing the grate will cause the water to dam and the tiles will start lifting or the water will back up into the rest of the bathroom.
  • When grouting the gap between the grate and tiles, ensure the grout is thick and does not contain excess water.
  • Wipe all grout from grate before it dries.